The Soap Exchange Victoria

Carpet Shampooer Helpful Hints

Carpet shampooers are one of those things that can seem intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple to use!  When you come to pick up the machine, we will always do a walk through with you, and field any questions you may have.  However, it can be a lot of information to retain, so we’ve written it up for easy reference.

1)  Before you start to shampoo, please vacuum all surfaces you will be cleaning.  This will help to keep the suction area of the shampooer free of solid debris (cassette tape, string, rope, large strands of hair, little boulders, etc.)  By vacuuming up large debris, it allows the dirty water to be vacuumed up rather than it staying on your carpet, thus it will dry more quickly.

2)  Once you have put the shampoo into the reservoir (1 oz. per gallon of water meaning a total of 3 ½ scoops) please remember to follow it with the hot water you have poured into the removable bucket.  The removable bucket is where all the dirty water will go when you start shampooing.  This point is VERY IMPORTANT.  The number one step that most people forget is this one.  If you do not pour the water into the reservoir/machine, you will be wasting your time and your carpets will only be receiving an “air fluff”.

3)  When you have finished shampooing your rugs (and before you have a glass of wine to celebrate), there may still be some clean water in the reservoir.  On the back of the machine, on the left hand side, you will see a clear(ish) tube running up and down.  This is a drain hose.  Simply take the machine outside, direct the drain hose into your garden or storm sewer and if there is any water left in the machine, it will drain out.  The machine is a lot lighter to move into your vehicle when it is empty.

4)   Last one, we promise.  Before you bring back the shampooer, we ask that you spend 2 minutes doing a quick clean up on it.  All that is necessary is for you to rinse out the bucket, wipe off the inside “hood“(where the screens are) and finally, pull out any of the gross stuff underneath where the brush is.  By doing this, you give us a head start on our more thorough clean up and “stuff” doesn’t get a chance to dry and then cake onto the machine.  Oh yes, if you do have any questions while you are “with machine” please do not hesitate to contact us at 250475-0033.  Most times, we are able to trouble shoot over the phone and Sharon, Brittany, or myself (Wes) are happy to help guide you through.

Thank you once again for choosing The Soap Exchange.