Can I bring my own containers or do I have to use yours?

Absolutely.  We encourage and welcome our customers to bring their own packaging.   Some of the more popular packaging brought  in to re-fill  are Mason Jars, Tupperware Containers, Wine Bottles, and obviously packaging from other manufacturers.

Are there other stores in Victoria that carry Soap Exchange products?

Yes, currently we have over 15 retail stores throughout Victoria, including 3 of the Gulf Islands   that carry our products.  We even have The Soap Dispensary in Vancouver,  Ecossentials in Powell River and The Island Water Store in Mill Bay that carry a number of our products.

Check out “Distributors” on this website to get an up to date list of retailers that carry our products.

Do you carry unscented and/or dye-free products?

Yes, almost every product that makes contact with the hair, hands or body comes in a dye- free/unscented option.  In other words, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hand & Body Soap, Dishwashing Liquid, Fabric Softener and Laundry Soap.

I am curious as to the ingredients that go into your products. Do you provide ingredients lists for your customers?

Yes, we offer full disclosure of ingredients lists on all of our products.  If the list of ingredients is not on the product label, simply let us know the product you are interested in and we can either e-mail the ingredients list or print off a copy while you are in the store.

Am I able to purchase your products in larger sizes than you have displayed in your store and on your website?

Yes, all products are available in sizes up to 20 Litres.  The larger the size, the more savings.

I own a business, do you offer delivery?

By all means.  We can easily arrange to deliver to your place of business.  Within reason, we quite often can deliver within 48 hours (and often the same day) of your order.

Do I have to wait until my bottles are empty before re-filling?

No.  Bottles do not have to be empty to re-fill.  We understand (and appreciate) that shopping at The Soap Exchange is a special trip for you and nothing usually runs out at the same time.  To save trips, we can easily re-fill packaging that is not empty and you will only pay for the volume you take away.  Also, if you have a busy day planned in the city, simply drop off your empties (or partially empty) packages and we will have them ready for you when you return to the store.