Product Deliveries Now Available!!

In an effort to assist those of you that are self isolating or that have mobility/transportation issues, we are now offering a delivery/re-fill service. We are happy to offer this service until  our health authorities are convinced we are safe to return to normal social activities. We will not be charging customers for this service however we ask that orders placed be above $30.00 to help offset costs on our end. The service provided will be “re-fill only” as we are currently experiencing packaging supply shortages throughout Canada. We also ask that you insure the outside of powder buckets and liquid bottles have been thoroughly cleaned prior to re-filling. If you would like to take advantage of this service, simply contact us at 250-475-0033. At this time, delivery days are scheduled for Thursdays and Fridays only. Rest assured that credit card information provided over the phone will be destroyed once the transaction is complete.

One parting thought… as a community we are all longing for the day that life returns to “normal.” To help you with what might seem to be a daunting time period ahead, may we suggest you think of it in terms of “recycle days” as opposed to the # of months i.e. “Just think… only 4 – 6 recycle days left until we can go to dinner and a movie or a Shamrocks game.” Psychologically this sounds a lot sooner than “just think… in 2 – 3 months we can go to dinner and a movie or a Shamrocks game.” Don’t know if this helps… but it is sure worth a shot. Please stay healthy and safe everybody. We will beat this.