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Soap Exchange Now Offers Refillable Hand Sanitizer

Canadian Made, Refillable & Health Canada Approved Hand Sanitizer


Before the Covid-19 virus hit and the business of daily life slowed to a crawl, shops were proudly offering alternatives to plastic bags and other single-use thingamabobs.

People were happily embracing the culture of eliminating waste by seeking out reusable (or at least recyclable) alternatives to everything from packaging to cleaning supplies.canadian made refillable hand sanitizer

But then the virus came to town and the emphasis shifted subtly, but profoundly back toward single-use items with the aim of reducing potential spread. Disinfectant wipes. Travel-sized bottles of sanitizer that you can take anywhere. Even plastic bags crept back onto the scene.

It’s panic-driven consumption at its very best…or worst, depending on how you look at it.

The thing is, when you put panic-buying together with increased consumption of single-use items, you end up with two results:

  1. Increased sales which can result in shortages in packaging materials.
  2. More packaging and disposable items ending up in the landfill.

Even though it now seems like Covid-19 is loosening its grip on Vancouver Island, the disposable culture that it has created is hanging on like one of those face-sucking creatures from the Aliens movie franchise.

So, as a way of combating the hideous amount of waste Covid brought with it, The Soap Exchange is offering a convenient and effective way of easing yourself out of the grip of disposable culture one sanitizer refill at a time.

Recently, we’ve added Alpha Hand Rub to The Soap Exchange’s list of eco-friendly personal products, as a response to the growing demand for hand sanitizers. And since Alpha Hand Rub is made in Vancouver, you still get the pleasure of supporting a Canadian company – one of the perks of making The Soap Exchange your eco-housekeeping supply source!

While we naturally offer bottles of hand sanitizer, we are also offering refills for them. You don’t even have to use one of our refillable bottles either – you can bring your own clean bottle. That way you get the satisfaction of knowing you diverted waste packaging away from the landfill, while being assured that the product is made in Canada, dye and scent free (for our chemical-sensitive customers), 75% ethanol and Health Canada-approved.

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In addition to refillable hand sanitizer, The Soap Exchange also offers a highly concentrated surface sanitizer called Sany Kleen Plus. From one teensy 60ml bottle of concentrate, you get 6 litres of spray surface sanitizer (1 part concentrate to 100 parts water), and it costs just $2 a bottle. So, you get an eco-friendly sanitizing option that is also cost effective and that allows you to keep extra packaging out of our already crowded landfills—something we can all appreciate!

Naturally, there is a small condition that comes with all this good news. In order to meet demand and allow more people to have access to hand and surface sanitizer, we must restrict purchases to a maximum of 500ml per customer.